Online Counselling

Online counselling is an effective way of talking to an experienced Psychologist and designed to help people access services when they otherwise may not have the opportunity. You may have difficulties with mobility, live in a remote area, have a complicated work schedule or simply not have the time to get there. Whatever the reason, Positive Living Psychology provides a convenient and effective way to access counselling through online communication.

There is no travelling - be at home and have counselling at your own convenience, enjoy being in the comfort of a different setting whether it be your work or any other place at all times of the day, when you feel ready and comfortable to do so. You can access the internet anywhere at the time it best suits you.

Positive Living Psychology is passionate about helping others to realise their potential for living a fulfilling and enjoyable life.   


Ways to Access Online Therapy

Online therapy can occur in a number of different ways, as follows:

  • Face to face skype sessions - In these sessions, one of our Psychologists will contact you by skype and you will be able to talk and interact through the camera. With live audio and visual this is the closest option to being in the same room with your therapist and enables you to gain many of the same benefits. These sessions are conducted in exactly the same way as a face-to-face consultation and will be at an agreed time.
  • Counselling via Chat Instant Messaging - This provides you with real time and live responses from a Psychologist in a chat version but without the visual or audio contact.

Please email Positive Living Psychology and you will receive detailed instructions on how to use these online services and how to make payment.  

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