Emotional health is an extremley important part of overall wellbeing. However, in a busy life it is easily overlooked or forgotten. Emotional health can assist us in controlling thoughts and feelings as well as coping with life's problems. Strong emotional intelligence helps build self-confidence and can assist in dealing with relationship issues. 

Positive Living Psychology is passionate about supporting people to discover their ability to achieve and maintain emotional health. We believe this allows people to experience greater enjoyment, fulfillment, excitement and motivaton in life.

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Emma Foy, Psychologist operates and provides psychological services under Positive Living Psychology. Emma has 15 years experience as a Psychologist and this ensures she is capable of providing assistance through a wide range of issues for adolescents, adults and couples.  Positive Living Psychology receives referrals under Medicare, TAC, Work Cover, The Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal and others. Positive Living Psychology is committed to assisting those in need.