Fees & Rebates



Positive Living Psychology understands that everyone has different circumstances. Accordingly, our fee schedule is based around people's different needs. All therapy sessions run for approximately 50 minutes. Medicare rebates are available for those referred by a GP under a Mental Health Treatment Plan. The rebate is currently $84.80 per session for 10 sessions in a calender year. 


Psychological assessments and reports

  • Quote provided based on requirements.  


Group Therapy

  • $660 or $320 for health care card holders for 8 weekly 2 hour sessions.  


Do I need to have a referral from a GP?

No it is not necessary to have a referral from a GP to see a Psychologist. However, Medicare initiatives mean that having a referral is likley to make therapy far more affordable. Please contact us to discuss if you would like more information as to whether you are eligble for this type of referral.

As an alternative many people like to book an initial session at the full rate and after which a letter can be  provided for you to take to your GP advising of eligibilty for this referral. 

Medicare rebates are available for Group Therapy and can offer a saving of up to $212.50 .

Please note: Medicare rebates are not available for online methods of counselling. It may however be covered under some private health insurances.

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